Product Offerings

As manufacturers of a wide array of oriented polypropylene (OPP) films, AET provides innovative films for numerous flexible packaging and labeling markets including: bakery, beverage, cheese, compact discs, condiments, confections, graphic arts, nuts, box overwrap, pet foods, snacks and tobacco. AET

Health & Beauty

Think OPP to provide moisture and oxygen barrier as well as adding tear and puncture resistance to your next structure. High gloss OPP films from AET deliver high quality surface or reverse printing options for point of purchase impact.


Keep customers attention at the "big box stores" with great graphics and laminations of OPP films for items such as CDs, DVDs and software.

Box Overwrap

The overwrap market is constantly striving to find the tightest, clearest wrap in packaging and AET has found the answer.

OPP Films made by AET allow for faster speeds and greater process efficiency.

Personal Care

Whether your need is for an overwrap for a package, a flexible package or a label, our performance characteristics with great printability are built to meet your needs in this demanding category.


The need for clarity, freshness and crispness is obtained by using thin films from AETthat offer consistent, managed oxygen transmission. The controlled slip properties in the films for fresh-cut produce provide optimum packaging machine performance in a demanding manufacturing environment.

Baked Goods

AET's films offer a number of important properties specifically designed to preserve the "freshness" for the baked goods industry.

And Yours...

There are many other applications and markets for OPP. For more information, contact your local John Edwards Co. sales representative.