Cryovac Cryovac Cryovac

Cryovac® offers the most comprehensive line of polyolefin shrink films suitable for your specific shrink wrapping requirements.

Key features and benefits of Cryovac® polyolefin shrink films include:

  • 5 layer film construction
  • Electronically cross linked for excellent puncture and tear resistance
  • High clarity
  • Available from .3 mil to 3 mil thickness in both singlewound and centerfold
  • Excellent sealing characteristics on 'L' sealers and automatic high speed shrink wrap machinery
    • Current films include:

      • D940 'soft' shrink films for lightweight products
      • D955 'multipurpose' films that meets or exceeds must all your requirements
      • Cortuff® heavy duty shrink films for the most demanding applications when you need *high abuse* puncture resistance
      • LD935 'thin' shrink films when all you need is both a tough film that gives you the greatest yield per roll
      • MPD shrink films that are designed for high speed bottom overlap sealers
      • CT-301 isn't just a new, thin film - it's a technology! Cryovac® CT-301 is a high performance film technology that has revolutionized our ability to down gauge while maintaining performance characteristics of other shrink films up to twice as thick.