Quality Strapping Hand grade polypropylene strapping is mostly used for bundling and hand palletizing. The strapping can be sealed manually with strapping seals by the use of a strapping tensioner and sealer or pulled tight with a strapping buckle.

Quality Strapping Machine grade polypropylene strapping is used in wide range of industries. From meat and fish packing to high speed newspaper bundling. Strict product control during manufacturing ensures that the strapping will run smoothly in fully automatic and semi automatic strapping machines.

Quality Strapping Polyester strapping is the most rigid of all plastic strapping. It can be used in machine and hand applications. Polyester strapping can be sealed with strapping seals, heat or friction welds. They are the perfect alternative to steel strapping. Common use include heavy duty brick and lumber packaging, cans and bottle and also in the corrugated industry.

In addition to strapping materials we provide corner protectors, hand strapping tools, strapping kits, buckles and seals.

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