PFM Zenith

Zenith Brochure

The ZENITH is a vertical form fill & seal packaging machine which produces closed packets with three seals from a roll of heat-sealable material. The Zenith is particularly compact thanks to the intelligent use of electronics and the proportions of the various components of the machine. The Zenith can carry out various types of packaging. The Zenith's setup can be changed exceptionally quickly and so it is perfect when a large range of products needs to be packaged.

Technical Data

  • Suitable packaging materials: laminated, bonded or micro-perforated polypropylene; polyethylene; gas barrier materials.
  • Packaging speeds: up to 70 cycles/min.
  • Time required to change setup: average 5 minutes.
  • Product dimensions: length max 600mm; width max 340mm. It is possible to adapt the machine for products with dimensions greater than those specified above.
  • Automatic loading systems: linear or multi-head weighers, auger or volumetric dosing units; product counters.

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